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Southernwind Kennels has been established since 1975.  For many years we have always found ourselves in the questionnable  theory that Beauty, Standard Conformation , strong Temperament and Performance  are  not to be found in just one dog.


The German Shepherd breed went through changes .The Duetche Democratic Republic (DDR), which has been separated from West Germany since WW-II and was part of the Eastern Block has by definition created a distinct and separate gene pool of German Shepard dogs that predate the War, and Germany only re-united in 1989. The is a  difference in temperment for protection dog behavior between the West German Working dog line and its East German counterparts. By East German Dogs, I'm also including dogs from the Czech Republic in the same group as DDR dogs . There has always been the interrogative.. Are these dogs safe in being a family pet and a protection dog, or they too serious to be a family companion and a sport dog? Would these dogs (DDR vs West German) be better suited to Police Service Work vs Schutzhund sport work?


Czech lines WAY back into have a lot of DDR stock. BUT that's where the similarities end. The Czech dogs were actually functional dogs with the Pohranicni straze kennels working up to 30+ males at the same time and studding them to 60+ females. These dogs were active border patrol dogs and worked every day, rain, snow, sleet, and hail. They proved themselves in active duty. These dogs have top notch prey, and top notch social aggression. These are the ideal police dogs. They have enough prey to search all day, and enough social aggression where biting a man isn't a game, it's the chance to HURT somebody, and that's what they want to do, HURT the bad guy, take the fight to the bad guy and sap the fight from him!



Sharing with breeders and trainers for over 35 years we have had the experience to be able to share  extensive discussions about  the reality of these thoughts.


Are DDR dogs and Czech dogs more aggressive than West German dogs? I'd say YES. Definitely. Are they too aggressive for the average handler? If you mean the average Owner, family, yes,


If you want more information on the DDR Dogs go to this Link  DDR German Shepherds


Back in the 80’s we imported some Chek and  East German dogs and the Z Lipin lines, all working dogs, still breeding our beautiful West German Show and Working lines we were able to really  experience the difference in the bloodlines. We beleive both bloodlines have great things to offer, but we also beleive these bloodlines are not suitable to everyone. These are great Police and Military lines that  have an incredible strenght of carácter and iron cast temperaments, many are strong willed, hard headed dogs, not suitable for families situations, Eventho I feel they are Superb Working Dogs and Love their working ethics, we realized they were not meant to be  our everyday Family, Child, Dog,


Because of the German breeding requirements, as a group the German show line dogs are of stronger temperament and character, and overall better health, than the American show lines. Though certainly this is not true of every individual or every breeding kennel. They also tend to be higher drive and energy, and are typically better suited for working and sport endeavors than the American lines. German show line dogs can make excellent family companions, and can also be excellent choices for competitive obedience, tracking, therapy and many areas of service dog work. Those whose breeders still actively try to maintain some working ability in their lines can make good schutzhund dogs for people wanting to participate in schutzhund on a recreational basis. But as a whole, the German show lines aren’t the best choice for someone wanting a dog for competitive schutzhund or ringsport, law enforcement or other types of protection work.


Taking this in consideration we did designed a well Planned Breeding Program were we would bring into the beauty and standard conformation of the West German German Shepherds with the rich coloring, bone, strenght but all of this had to be accompained by a strong enought temperament to withstand any confrontation and with the strong protection instinct to protect their families or individuals. This is how through many years of trial and error at the beggining we developed the foundation of our Breeding program that offers dogs that really can do it all, Dogs that have a misión in Life ,a Purpose!!


The very best in quality, beautiful appearance, intelligent, excellent disposition and outstanding working ability. FCI Champions and top winners for many years.

Specialty companions professionally bred and raised in our home for your pleasure, companion and protection either for your home, Family or a Well Structured Individual Personal Protector.


Our Breeding program guidelines concentrates in the breed standard priorities, to reproduce dogs with strong genetic virtues which can transmit impeccable health, temperament, performance, beauty and intelligence in a whole "golden Package". Southernwind strives for ultimate perfection. Our dedication to satisfying your need for outstanding, specially selected Young Dogs or Adults.


Excellence is not a luxury, Our dogs perform  and have Superb temperament, we offer the Elite Program were we believe in offering the very best guidelines and counseling to develop a long positive relation.

We import fully trained and titled dogs from our European contacts who have provided many years of good and positive experience.


*At the Moment we are not offering any training program, we do have a list fo excellent trainers we recomend here in FL and in PR.


We do have the alternative ot import Fully trained dogs from Europe for different purposes, If you feel you have a need for an older trained and or titled dog. We can help you find it, We will help with the import, customs, paperwork and Akc  transfer.




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Why a Personal Protection Dog

Good morning, Ceci


I just wanted to write a special thanks to you for the many years of providing me with excellent dogs, sires and advice that you have given me in order to achieve my goal of obtaining and maintaining dogs for personal protection.  As you know, I live alone in a remote area and having reliable dogs for protection of my person and my property was my most important objective back in 2006.  After I bought a dog  through an ad in the newspapers that did not have the temperament for protection work I found out about your kennel and bought my first German Shepherd puppy, Kasha, from you back then.    What a difference!  Kasha turned out to be everything I hoped for and with the training you recommended at the Escuela Canina de Arecibo by Carlos Abreu developed into an excellent personal protection dog.  In addition, Kasha's solid temperament let her also be an excellent mother who has produced outstanding litters with the padrotes (sires) you provided and recommended for her.   I kept a son and a daughter, TanTan and Tequila, who now , at almost 3 years of age, are also excellent and very reliable protection dogs.  Kasha's litters have produced solid offspring and I am very satisfied with the good line.  All of my dogs are very intelligent, very reliable,  good with children and have that temperament that I value so much in German Shepherds to be able to discriminate between friend and enemy.  My dogs are running free in my property and I feel safe and also confident that they will not harm friends or children but defend me and my property when needed.  The latest puppy from the line of Southernwind dogs and Kasha is Nikita, 4 months old,  who I now co-own with a young friend of mine whose dog was poisoned and who was looking for a protection dog for his business.  Nikita is being raised by him and is already working at the escuela and doing very well.  I just know she will be  another great dog from that fine line of working dogs you have. 


Thank you, Ceci, for your ongoing help, your friendship, all the good advice and your endless dedication to continue the breeding of these solid temperament German Shepherd working dogs that I remember so well from Germany and found in the lines at your Southernwind Kennels.


Best regards and I am sure we will talk again soon!


Gabi Rivera

Franco and Hardy

Carolo Abreu  and Hera

Dean Rivera and Fratz

Franco and Putszamajorie Orseg Hera

Southernwind Dogs

Tan Tan and Tequila


In a world full of uncertain changes provide yourself with the best advantage.  Bred for genetic soundness, workability, structure, temperament. Dogs that have the courage and nerves to work under stress situations.

Absolutely correct in structure, solid in temperament and gifted in attitudes, Impeccable lineage. The very best in quality, beautiful appearance, intelligent, excellent disposition and working ability.  Specialty companions professionally bred and raised in our home for your pleasure and protection. Reward yourself with impeccable character and stunning beauty. Our dogs refined genetic code ensures their focused reliable behavior.  Our dogs find reward in pleasing their family and children.


At Southernwind we are FIRM believers that a German Shepherd should be capable of achieving lots of  great performances and do them  all  with great success, this has always been our priority, breed raise and prepare our puppies to be able to confront  from the smaller task to the most difficult ones, we want to create puppies that are resilient, that have  well imprinted instincts and know how to channel them into  successful performance.

Our dogs are bred with the idea of having a Purpose in Life, either as Service for Special needs, Obedience, Military, Protection work, Companion Dogs, Baby and Kid Sitters, Emotional healers, they have the capacities to fulfill all these tasks. With great devotion, loyalty and unconditional Love!



Dogs that have the genetic strength and outstanding traits to be able to perform in a incredible amount of tasks, from  being a incomparable family companion, to offer Service assistance for the needed, have the balance, temperament and courage to protect and the intelligence and wisdom to take actions were they are needed without mistakes, they know their mission in life, they want to please, they are

Dogs with a Purpose!!!

**Dogs that have the courage, stable temperaments, solid genetic nerve and can really perform and deliver  from this: this..loving, sweet, sensitive wanting to make you happy!!

..and this, great conformation dogs, winners in Competitions, proving their Genetic input and be able to deliver with success...

...and Produce, beautiful, good tempered dogs that can deliver functionality and performance!!