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Franco Santana,

Barstow, California



In the USA-
Franco Santana,

Barstow, California








Tomando por el Expreso hacia Ponce se coje la salida #19 Frente al Mall Las Catalinas, aqui toman la ruta hacia Aguas Buenas Carr 156 Oeste, llegan al Pueblo de Aguas Buenas y cruzan el Pueblo por el centro sin salirse de la #156, en ningun momento salen de la carr. #156, al llegar al final de Pueblo, se encuentran ocn una imprenta llamada ANISA y a su mano izquierda encuentran una Gomera, en este cruze siguen la #156 hacia Comerio, de este punto a mi hogar son aproximadamente 15 minutos por curvas, sigan la #156 hasta llegar a una Iglesia Sta. Teresita luego una Escuela Publica, mas adelante veran una Subestacion de la Telefonica y luego una casa cuya propiedad termina en un callejon a la izquierda, que del otro extremo hay un "Bar" doblan por el callejon a la izquierda, bajan la cuesta pasan un puente sin barandas y suben la cuesta, subiendo es la primera casa habitada a la mano derecha. 





Am. Dom. Quisq. CH Beeccroft Study Top Secret (#1 Labrador retriever)

Am. PR, LA, Int SA CH Amonde’s the one and Only Legolas (#1 Doberman pinscher in PR)

PR, LA, PA AM, SA INT CH Alihazi Gino SCH 2 KKLIA (#1 and most titled German shepherd in PR)

PR, LA, PA AM, SA INT CH Iunno de Peregrino (youngest German shepherd in PR to complete all titles)

PR, LA, PA AM, SA INT CH 2XVA (PR) Ossie von Mattenburcherland (first German shepherd bitch to attain all these titles plus 2 times VA’s)

PR, LA, PA AM, SA INT CH. Parish von Mattenburcherland

PR, LA, PA AM, SA INT CH. Lia del Centenario

PR, LA, PA AM, SA INT CH. Argus de Altavilla

PR, LA, PA AM, SA INT CH Bass von Newherke NVBK1 (First Belgian Malinois in PR to complete all the titles in addition to his working title NVBK1)


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Franco started his career with dogs since his crib age, when a Doberman Pinscher by the name of Glenayr Jamison used to stick his head into Franco’s Playpen and Franco would get a hold of his neck embracing him and Jamie would lift him up to help him stand up.

Franco and Jamie grew together; Jamie would join him in the afternoon naps inside his playpen and were ever Franco and Jamie traveled together Jamie never left his side no matter what situation they were into!!!


Franco grew surrounded by dogs since his early months of age, this has been his greatest asset as a Dog Trainer, been exposed to a great variety of breeds, attitudes, characters, temperaments, he has learned to read Dogs, use their natural instincts to be able to interact positively and communicate getting the best of response. His vast experience include and is not limited to have been part of a Dog Family Business and Breeding kennel. He acquired great knowledge from many outstanding trainers in his childhood and youngster period.

His first experience as a decoy was as early as a nine year old were he would “agitate” our great and immortal “Quatro” a SCH trained dog, who weighted over 100 pounds.

Over the years his great enthusiasm for Dog training grew to great measures were he also evolved with the Belgian Malinois breeding and converted into an NVBK decoy, along with Mr. Germaine Powels President of the NVBK in Belgium Franco grew fondly of the Belgian Malinois Breed and the NVBK type of sport. Franco was the first to import a NVBK titled dog into PR, he titled it Int. Championship with 4 CACIB’s , INT CH Bass  von Newherke NVBK.


Franco’s training is greatly motivational but at the same time using control to create the same environment Dogs live in the wild, he gets to be a “Pack Leader” and teaches owners to take the same “Role” in the “Herd”.

This “System” brings great communication, better understanding, develops control in everyday living resulting in a healthier and happier interaction between dog – owner relationship.

For more information you may contact Franco directly, he is available for training in Barstow Texas and the surrounding counties.

We do have also dogs available for sale, we have been breeding German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, Belgian Malinois and Labrador Retrievers for over 30  years, for any information regarding Puppies, Stud Services, young adults, trained or green we will gladly assist you


On the following we will show some pictures of Franco in his training procedures through out the time, he is a NVBK certified decoy and has worked many different dogs of many breeds and ages.