Cecilia thank you for the wonderful experience with the purchase of our new family member Ruger. You kept us up to date on him before we brought him home. He is an amazing dog he has a very good demeanor loves the kids and already very protective of the family which is what I was looking for in a dog. His training is going very well, at 3 months he is house broken ,can sit, shake, and lay down and we are continuing with obedience classes. We can't imagine not having him in our family. The services you provided to us was one of the best experiences my wife and I have ever come across again thank you.

Just a short note to tell you that Southernwind Kennels was a great experience for me and my wife. I thought that buying a dog from so far away was going to be a lot of work, but you made it very easy in all aspects of purchasing and transportation. Shown below is Kaiser (floppy ears, hehe) and Leyla (foreground). He is exactly 3 mos and she is 5 mos. We took Kaiser for his first obedience class and the instructor fell in love with him. The instructor is the founder of the Schutzund of Arkansas training. We would like to thank you for the great business you provide. We also enjoy all the pictures you post on your Facebook site as well as all of your wonderful tips.

Good morning, Ceci


I just wanted to write a special thanks to you for the many years of providing me with excellent dogs, sires and advice that you have given me in order to achieve my goal of obtaining and maintaining dogs for personal protection.  As you know, I live alone in a remote area and having reliable dogs for protection of my person and my property was my most important objective back in 2006.  After I bought a dog  through an ad in the newspapers that did not have the temperament for protection work I found out about your kennel and bought my first German Shepherd puppy, Kasha, from you back then.    What a difference!  Kasha turned out to be everything I hoped for and with the training you recommended at the Escuela Canina de Arecibo by Carlos Abreu developed into an excellent personal protection dog.  In addition, Kasha's solid temperament let her also be an excellent mother who has produced outstanding litters with the padrotes (sires) you provided and recommended for her.   I kept a son and a daughter, TanTan and Tequila, who now , at almost 3 years of age, are also excellent and very reliable protection dogs.  Kasha's litters have produced solid offspring and I am very satisfied with the good line.  All of my dogs are very intelligent, very reliable,  good with children and have that temperament that I value so much in German Shepherds to be able to discriminate between friend and enemy.  My dogs are running free in my property and I feel safe and also confident that they will not harm friends or children but defend me and my property when needed.  The latest puppy from the line of Southernwind dogs and Kasha is Nikita, 4 months old,  who I now co-own with a young friend of mine whose dog was poisoned and who was looking for a protection dog for his business.  Nikita is being raised by him and is already working at the escuela and doing very well.  I just know she will be  another great dog from that fine line of working dogs you have. 


Thank you, Ceci, for your ongoing help, your friendship, all the good advice and your endless dedication to continue the breeding of these solid temperament German Shepherd working dogs that I remember so well from Germany and found in the lines at your Southernwind Kennels.


Best regards and I am sure we will talk again soon!


Gabi Rivera


..I cannot thank you enough for being so thoughtful in your breeding, its hard to find the soundness, temperament and looks your dogs have!!!

..No matter were I go with my dog, everyone has something to comment, he really creates a great impact when everyone sees him!!!  Thank You, Thank You!!!

Ceci, this has been the most wonderful experience, your dogs have that Special Angel, that is so hard to find, I will love him forever!!!

Ceci, how can I express the gratitude, your dogs are really special, in fact they are more than I had expect, you were highly recommended by my Veterinarian and it has been the most wonderful experience!!!

I can walk in the shadows of Hell and this dog will protect me, he has been my beloved shadow since the day he first stepped into may home, you are doing a great job with these dogs, they are very special!!!

We trusted Delma with our little girl, they have grown together and become inseparable, not only she is a beautiful girl, she is highly intelligent,  with great discerning  attitude, she protects and guards and is an angel in the home!

When you handed me our little baby, he was like a big bear full fo hair and funny to watch running around the house, it was true, with your advice and instructions, our puppy was housebroken in less than two days and we were able to do the puppy obedience with no harsh methods, he has turned out to be our Guardian Angel, he is beautiful, loyal,, loves may kids, sometimes I feel he can read my mind, I  did follow all of your puppy training tips and this dog has turned out to be the most fantastic dog I ever owned, Thanks  for all the support, for all the information  whenever I called you at weird hours, you were always there to help and solve, I will forever recommend your dogs!!

Our Dogs have been the means to have such a wonderful and large Southernwind Family, when we choose a puppy for you we take into consideration all of your family and everyday living situation, this way we know who is the right puppy for you. We observe our puppies from day one when born and we know what to expect in our dogs, we have been breeding the same lines for generations after generations and these lines have proven to be able to reproduce the highest quality attributes for our type of clientele, we believe in the sound health, longevity, steady nerves, intelligence, dogs that are able to think and decide. Southernwind dogs offer the ultimate in temperaments and pleasing characteristics. We are proud of our dogs and our families!!

Below you will find some testaments of different Southernwind dogs owners and some quotes regarding our dogs from different Southernwind family dog owners!!