Dobermans have been in my life since the day I was born, I was protected, cared and guarded by a female Doberman named Perla, who as a extremely young puppy contacted Distemper, in that time, this was a greatly deadly disease and with the nurturing care and dedication from my mother this puppy pulled through. She died at the age of 12† and for 12 years she had been my constant companion and friend.

†A Lifetime, ...a legacy! Southernwind maintains the tradition being a fundamental icon in the History of the Doberman Pinschers in PR!!!

Southernwind† was created in 1975 were my life as a Professional breeder and trainer started , Joining the Local Breed Clubs for the AKC and then for the FCI my involvement grew each day as I shared with different breeders , handlers and enthusiasts.

Dobermans have for ever being part of my life either in Conformation, Working, Schutzhund, Service Dogs or just as my glorified Pets , I have always† been surrounded by my Dobermans.† We believe in the complete package, the dog that can do it all, the breed was created upon set standards and ideals and† we feel these should always be honored. A Doberman is to be a strong self confident dog, with determination and no hidden Agenda, he is truthful, loyal and courageous, itís a breed that molds into many situations and knows how to deal with each one, knows when to act and has the sense of† discerning between situations.† Their sense of protection is quite keen and it is a high deterrent figure.

For many years Southernwind has trained Dobermans for different disciplines and we have maintained the top winners records thought the years, based on FCPR PR Breeders.

In a world full of uncertain changes provide yourself with the best advantage. Bred for genetic soundness, workability, structure, temperament. Dogs that have the courage and nerves to work under stress situations!!

The very best in quality, beautiful appearance, intelligent, excellent disposition and working ability.

Please note Southernwind has a change of Location, we† are now part time in Brooksville, Florida

Our new Phone Numbers† 787-509-8857 in Florida and PR

760-577-1688 In Georgia

1985† My SON Franco E. and Jamie (Glenayr Jamison)

Jamie came to our life's as a 5 month old puppy, bred by Barbara Duklis, Glenayr Dobermans. He was a a special gift in my life, no other dog has been able to fulfill my life like this dog did..he set a standard in my life! Jamie was the perfect Dog, a baby sitter, watch dog, protector, family dog, and the most beloved , unconditional and inseparable companion throughout the difficult times! Always stood by our side!! He taught my son how to walk and was his constant companion and protector!! Jamies will always have a SPECIAL Place in our heart!!† He was a Blessing in our lifes!!!!

Jamies Latin Dandy..A Jamies Son, out of a Warlock Diablo Rojo daughter. Following his dad footsteps, Dandy lived to accomplish the same position with his family, devoted, inseparable, protector, once in a lifetime dog!! Here with Nilda Morales and her family!!

Our Beloved Chips, Ramadyn the Wild West! A Electras the Windwalker daughter!

Summer 2012

Bramman and me, Glennville, Georgia

Adianez and Hermes (Northwind Hermes Messenger of Gods

May 2013

L to R

Sarai Rodriguez with Issis and Elyades Betancourt with Zeus.

Both handled, cared and pampered by Elyades!!!

Geronimo Barbac, bred by our partners in Mexico.† Rodrigo and Yvonne Barba

An Amondes the one and only Legolas grandson

AM, PR., LAT AM.,Mex.,SA., DOM., INT CH Amondes the one and Only Legolas wth his friend and Top Handler SARAI RODRIGUEZ!!!

Saddly missed!!!

1983 Handling Classes with the FCPR

1960 My first Doberman, Perla





Lioís Rogelio My constant companion and Protector.† Working at the PR Mounted Police Department


2004 CAMP Joven, Adulta, Lios Heroina, Ganadora de Mejor Cachorro en Expocision consecutivamente , Ganadora e reseerva de BIS a los 7 meses, ganadora de BIS a los 11 meses!

Jaymeesís Red Cinammon, Bred by Southernwind, BIS at 7 Months old!!!