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2017 Litters..puppies!!!

Southernwind Kennels

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Derby von Panoniansee  IPO 1, KKL- (7 VA in three Generations)

Sire- VA5 BSZS 2015 Yoker vom Pendler IPO3

Dam-Triksi Fixfrutta ( A 2X VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard SCHH3 daughter)


Top German Shepherds in Florida, Interesting Combination of top VA lines from Europe, at the same time, these puppies carry great genetic background as far as steady nerves, great temperament, raised inside home environment and exposed to  many situations to reinforce self confidence and high social attitude. We specialize in puppies that will turn into Adults with a Purpose a Mission in life, either fulfill Special Service needs, Protector, Home Companions, Agility, Obedience, IPO or any other task, these puppies have the ability and versatility to be reliable and compromised in their required Tasks and will perform with their outmost potential.

Breeding Plans for this year will be soon posted!




          German Shepherds in Florida, Our Breeding Program is considered an Art in Southernwind, Our Males and females selection are based on evaluations and comprehensive research to ensure that the complement of the breeding are based on audited excellence results .
We did not create the  German Shepherd history , the breed has an established, proven history from where many past well recognized breeders have shown the great success in combination of bloodlines .

Our Dogs have been exported to many parts of the world and we are proud to say that in every owner in the  Military, Police, Firework Department as well as our dogs with Special Talented and Service dog requirements have been a great success! We have dogs being used for Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Diabetic Alert, Emotional Support, Kids and older people with Special needs and many other specialized jobs and they have exceeded the expectations for which they were acquired.

The German Shepherd is a combination of traits all described in its breed standard. We all know Standards are subjective to interpretations and these interpretations is what guide each of the  Breeding Programs in different kennels.

But the reality is that there is only one guideline that has to be a priority in every Breeding Program with no subjective interpretation and is Temperament and Soundness.

Not all dogs are created equal some are built with a specific strength for certain performance in common,  this is were the evaluation and selection comes in play!

...the breed has been present for many years, many past successful breeders have left a trademark  were we can learn from them

Now a days , Southernwind, German Shepherds in Florida is  on its 4th generation of dogs with the affix of Southernwind, it's been a long road, full of sacrifices, difficulties and successes, breeding is not math equation, breeding is "trial and error" or "vital, success and repeat"! The secret formula for creating that ideal dog we all seek is not simple, is a combination of factors and many years of experience.

Our Present Life gives us the opportunity to share our breeding Program 24/7, we have dedicated our entire lifetime to the detailed experience of breeding and raising litters which has given us the opportunity to Learn and carefully observe , read gestures and attitudes of hundreds of puppies which give us the information  and response of what it will be in the future, what will be his weakness and his strengths,  were he should be placed and with what kind of environment .

It is extremely important for Southernwind that the puppy features are combined with the atmosphere of his future family, only so can this be in an environment where he can develop all their natural genetic characteristics and not become a frustrated adult dog.

Southernwind is not a Commercial kennel, Dogs are our  lifestyle hobby, we enjoy every part of this life and has passed it generation after generation. Our main purpose is to be able to offer a high quality, outstanding genetics and pedigree, excellence in Temperament, healthy animal with the abilities to please you and your family, we want you to feel proud and happy with your family member,

Southernwind  is pleased to offer orientation, counseling, educational communication which can serve as a via to a well suited, responsible, friendly owner dog relationship , for this, we offer our main service SOUTHERNWIND ELITE PROGRAM

Puppies from our litters start at $1,800.00 LIMITED REGISTRATION  and $2,500.00 up FULL REGISTRATION RIGHTS (this does not include shipping expenses) and are priced as follows

· Choice/Pet ($1,800.00):  Puppies with temperament for Pet, Companion, Sport (limited registrations)

· Select/Premium ($2500 & Up):  Puppies with potential for Show, Competition, Schutzhund

· A deposit of $350 non refundable is required to reserve a puppy.

· Please fill our ****Puppy request Questionnaire**** and send it back by e mail to Southernwind


Þ Full AKC Registration will be granted at the breeders’ discretion

Þ Before any sale is finish we require you read our Puppy Guidelines and NEW SOUTHERNWIND PUPPY pages and copy paste with your signature you have read these guidelines.

Þ  Check our  ****Puppy Guidelines*****, very important Guides when bringing a new puppy into the family.

Þ Read our ***NEW SOUTHERNWIND PUPPY***TO be able to gather complete information about our your interest in a Southernwind Puppy!

Þ Read our -Question and Answers section, its based upon questions from People interested in our puppies and Southernwind Puppy owners as well