Our Breeding Program is a Our Service and  Breeding Program is Commitment to quality!

Our Services


Our Basic Puppy Boot Camp



· Basic Obedience with Motivational techniques

· Attention

· Sensory Training

· Puppy Housebreaking

· Socialization

· Development of Instincts

· Positive Stress inputs (for the strong “I'm a Winner” attitude)

· Show training (For Show Puppies)

· Dressed to Impress!!!



We are firm believers that a well educated dog is the best of Companions, but also we believe dogs have lots of more to offer the human family than just be a Companion, Dogs are like little kids, the more you teach them and supply them with the adequate tools the  better they feel about themselves, by supplying the best education, they learn to create better tools which gives them the best advantages for this dogs emotional sense of well being.

We work individually and our time is dedicated whole heartily into these puppies needs, we evaluate temperaments and reactions, from there we develop individual Training Programs to reinforce his positive Traits and incorporate techniques to develop the winners edge into them.


Our long years of experience, having the opportunity to breed many different breeds and train a wide variety of dogs and Horses has been the motivation to create a unique System for the development of puppies and young adults.

We have worked with many different situations throughout the years, our experience as Dog and Horse trainers offered us the opportunity to create a large amount of very interesting techniques which help the puppy neurological  and emotional system.

We have a limited Space for this reason we work  with only a limited amount of Puppies. Our puppies are kept inside our homes, not in kennel situations, this way we have a continuous contact and we are able to introduce them into a larger variety of obstacles, lessons and situations.

If you need more information on our Puppy Training Camp, Please feel free to call and we will supply with more information.