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Our Service and  Breeding Program is Commitment to quality!

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Southernwind is not a business type breeding kennel, we breed for a devotion to the breed and breeding are only done when there is a high expectation of improving the quality of our Labradors.
We belong to the Labrador Retriever Club of PR and along with our fellow responsible club member- breeders we seek to improve the quality as a whole.
We only breed based on an organized breeding program and when we do not have puppies available for our customers we refer them to our breeder friends Club Members who abide with the same principles of breeding for high quality specimens.
Aware of the Breed popularity we are guardian caretakers of our breed, we do not sell to puppy-mills- backyard breeders nor for resale, our sales are done directly to the new owner and a previous evaluation will be done before the puppy is sold to new owners.
We offer written guarantees and stand behind our dogs through all his lifetime, our goal is not to make the sale, we strive to improve the quality and to place our puppies in homes were the best for the puppy’s development.
..So please be patient and understand we need to do many questions, we need to share lots of information with the new owner, we need to make them understand all the “issues” involved in raising and developing a healthy sound mind and body puppy!!!

We currently have 2 beautiful 3.5 month old Labrador Puppies  available, incredible pedigree, beautiful , intelligent and extremely pleasant personalities. These puppies have the attributes to become excellent Companions Dogs and family dogs, can be trained for Service or therapy dogs, as well will perform in many different tasks.  You can contact us for appointment and come see our puppies.