Available Adult ImportsText Box: For Many years we have been importing dogs from different parts of Europe. Now a days the Internet has made it possible for many  European Breeders to be able to offer their dogs and puppies, this has increased the import of many dogs and puppies into the Country, but the looks of this advantage, has resulted in many disadvantages, one of them mainly falls under the category of lack of quality imported. 
If you position yourself in theses European Breeders skin you would be able to understand the  great advantage of now a days breeding only to sell, and set to a side who they are selling to and what is the purpose of this new puppy  into a new home. 
European breeders and trainers are very much different in ideas an criteria's of what a real Family dog is, their dogs have a different perspective in theirs life for these reasons and many others there has been many mishappenings over these last years in the increasing importing of dogs. 
Also lets position ourselves in these breeders skin, when you  are asking for a puppy, they do not know who you are, what are your interests, they do not know if their first choice puppy is going to end in a backyard or as a couch potato were his drives and instincts will never be developed, they do not know who are these people , they do not know for reality if their dog is going to have the exposure in the Show Rings as they people state they are going to do, many just say this just to try to get the best quality puppy and then the puppy ends in a backyard !! Why sell my Choice puppy to these persons?? No way!!  These are the issues many people end up with low quality Imports, then they figure out, this was not what they really wanted.
The reality is that for a real professional European breeder sell his top choice or best of the litter puppy, he has to know who this person is,  they have to know what really do you do with their puppy , they do care that this puppy goes into the right environment and family situation and with the correct people they know will give this puppy the best of advantage.
In Southernwind we already went through all these stages, at the beginning we started importing dogs, these first dogs were not the high quality we would have wanted, but we understood that since these breeders didn't know who we  were, they didn't feel confident enough to send us the top line puppies of their litters. After years of relation and having been able to travel and meet some of our resources, things became different, now a day 20 years after we have no regrets in none of the dogs our resources send us!! But it took long years of relation and  business, they have a compromise to the quality they export to us and we are very grateful for the incredible dogs we have been able to import for ourselves and many of our clients!!
We represent many of our European breeders here in PR and the USA, for this we have the responsibility to maintain the utmost quality in dogs we import!!  AS an FCI judge we are very aware of the quality and wont accept less than what we would take for ourselves. This is our foundation, many years, great experience and we stand behind our program. We also offer evaluations and advisory services.  We help in the transfer form FCI papers to AKC.
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We have available 
right now the following:

Frisby Topolovnicki

TOP OF THE LINE in Quality, for the serious Show or breeding Home! Frisby is a Superb Dog with an intense pedigree great for any  serious breeding program

SG1 Tyson Topolovnicka

Great dog, perfect for Protection work or family Companion, Superb Pedigree!!

Text Box: FRISBY
Text Box: FULZ


Feel free to call us today for more information, we will take care of you, we will guide you into all the process and help you find what you need. We offer a Special advisory program were we assist you in all matters pertainin with your new puppy or dog.

If you are purchasing a trained dog, we will assist  you with the guidelines to find a good trainer to maintain the training aspects of your dog.  Call us today, we have been over 30 years in the dog world and our experience can be of great benefit for you.

 We have a commitment for quality and we wouldn't offer you the less, not only you are acquiring a new family member we become part of your dog world friends and will offer our continuous assistance and support!!