Southernwind is not a dog breeding  business, we have a high standard, most demanding breeding Program, this is our Enterprise!!! Breeding are done only toward the benefit of the breed were new owners can feel the pride and enthusiasm of owning a “Southernwind Doberman”!! This is the reason why we do not have many litters during the year. Our direct breeding as well as when our stud dogs are used we offer a lifetime advisory back up the new puppy owners.  It is our priority that our Southernwind puppies find their perfect life-long home! Southernwind is not a name, it is a “style of life”..everyone that owns a Southernwind puppy or dog, changes to a new “lifestyle”!!

Southernwind is the only recognized kennel in PR for it’s winning records and consistency in the “breeding Philosophy” of “sound mind, sound body”!!!  This is what we breed..Only dogs to have been able to prove to win in a show ring and be a safe secure family dog and protector..the epitome of the breed!!!

Either our FCI and/or AKC litters meet the highest standard in temperaments,  this is the “building block” of our “breeding Philosophy”!!


Contact us for advise, orientation, consultation on this wonderful breed, we may have so often puppies available and are not listed in the web. We like to have personal interviews with the new puppy owners and be able to get a feedback of their interest and facilities! 


Our dogs are not business, they are part of our family, there is no money that can pay for sacrifice, sleepless nights, hours of devotion, care, hand feeding and many years of “hands on experience” to develop the “complete perfect package” that Southernwind Dogs are!!'s a style of life!!CHECK OUR 

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Puppies will
arrive in Feb 2015

Southernwind is expecting puppies to arrive in February 2015,

Nina and Bravo

Reservations will be accepted,

Pups will be delivered, docked, cropped, microchip and registered with health guarantees contract!

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